Elden Ring: All Evergaol Venues and Bosses

Elden Ring: All Evergaol Venues and Bosses

 Elden Ring: All Evergaol Venues and Bosses

Elden Ring: All Evergaol Venues and Bosses

FromSoftware's first attempt at a true open-world Soulslike game features a surprising number of bosses.

Here are the locations of eleven elite enemies trapped inside one of the magical Evergaol prisons in the Elden Ring.

As you journey through the Lands In Between, you will encounter countless fearsome enemies howling for your blood.

These range from the mundane (looking at you, Wandering Nobles) to the frighteningly magnificent, just like the many dragons who call each region their home.

But sometimes you don't know what kind of foe you'll face until you meet them on their court. This is the case for each of the ten Evergaols around Elden Ring's map.

This is where we come into play. You can find all ten prisons here, with a brief breakdown of each boss locked in them. Be careful… Some of them are difficult but very rewarding.

Every Evergaol in Elden Ring

The Evergaols on this list will be categorized by their position in-game, starting with the areas most players will likely visit first.

Anomalous Stone Clusters, watch out for the rocky fireworms standing on their ends. They can be seen from a distance and almost always surround an Evergaol!
Forlorn Hound Evergaol - This Evergaol is located south of Limgrave Lake just before the Sacrificial Bridge to the Weeping Peninsula.
Bloodhound Knight Darriwil – The first of many Bloodhound Knights you'll encounter throughout the Elden Ring, but this will likely be your first real test of skill. Extremely fast and agile. Check out our guide to defeat him and get his incredible weapon!
Stormhill Evergaol – Head towards Stormveil Castle, your first Legacy Dungeon, and head left onto the open grassy area. This Evergaol is located here.
Crucible Knight – Another brutal entry into the world of Elden Ring, Crucible Knight must have caused several players to quit the game before it actually started. Crazy attack range and on-hit damage. It rewards you with powerful Magic and a real sense of fulfillment. Here is our guide to defeating him in battle.

the crying peninsula

Weeping Evergaol (requires x1 Stone Sword Key) - Go to the western part of the Weeping Peninsula. This Evergaol is just north of the massive Walking Mausoleum.
Ancient Zamor Hero – Much easier than previous warriors, this boss uses Frostbite damage. However, it is slow and easy to counter. Watch out for area of ​​effect attacks and take advantage of their weaknesses: Fire, Lightning, and Magic. Lowers Radagon's Seal of Wound, one of many powerful stat-shifting talismans.

Liurnia of the Lakes

Malefactor's Evergaol – Hug the cliff on the west side of the lake as you descend the north-west route. When you find a Spiritspring, jump to the top of the cliff and come back to yourself. Evergaol is close to where you enter the zone.
Adan, the Fire Thief – A short, squat guy who isn't really that strong... but still gets boss status. Adan uses a mace and Fire magic. Beware of the Fallen God Magic Flame, which can set an entire area on fire! For more of the best Spells, check out our top 10 list!
Cuckoo's Evergaol – Continue north on Malefactor's Evergaol without returning to the water. You will soon come to this magical prison containing another boss.
Bols, the Karian Knight – Bols is a massive Troll in knightly armor, similar to most other Trolls you'll ever fight. He's big so he hits hard but moves slow. Stay under him as long as possible and aim for one leg at a time to knock him down for a critical hit! Drops the Greatblade Phalanx Mage, which can be paired with extremely powerful wands for great magic builds.
Royal Grave Evergaol – Continue north once again. This time, you'll need to proceed through the Caria Mansion and head east after exiting the boss room and reaching the Three Sisters.
Alabaster Lord – Similar in appearance to the Ancient Zamor Hero, the Lord uses gravity magic against anyone entering his prison. Watch out for the domain attack, but make sure you take advantage of it as the animation is long and punishable. This boss drops another spell: Meteorite.

Liurnia Mission Area

The Evergaol below can only be reached by following Ranni the Witch's questline, and gives you access to a high region of Liurnia. Here is our guide to complete the quest and obtain a legendary sword!
Ringerleader's Evergaol – After gaining access to the Moonlight Alter Plateau, head northwest (avoid or kill dragons) until you can no longer ride a horse. At the edge of the land you will find this Evergaol.
Alecto, Black Knife Boss – Back in form for Evergaol bosses here, Electer Alecto is one of the toughest bosses in the Elden Ring. It's ridiculously fast and agile with an AoE attack that will have you questioning everything you know about dodge-rolling. If you can't take him down to claim the overpowered bounty, follow our guide. Good luck, Tarnished. You will need this.


Sellia Evergaol – The one and only Evergaol in Caelid is on top of a cliff south of where you collected the area's map piece.
Battlemage Hugues – As the name suggests, Hugues mostly relies on magical attacks, although he can beat you up with his Gavel. Your biggest threat in this fight will be the Cannon of Haima, an AoE spell that will deal double damage if it hits you directly. Killing him will reward him with Spirit Ashes that make him summonable.

Altus Plateau

Golden Lineage Evergaol (requires x1 Stone Sword Key) – Altus Plateau also only has one prisoner, but this is a little more important. After exiting the Dectus Grand Lift, you will cross a scenic bridge. Go down and go east. You have this Evergaol in front of you.
Godefroy the Grafted – Now nearly identical to the iconic Godrick the Grafted, Godefroy copies the same move as his Demi-God counterpart. The good news is that you're better now. If you need to brush up on his moves, here's our guide to killing Godrick! Drops the Godfrey Icon talisman.

Giants' Heights

Lord Contender's Evergaol – This prison is located on the southwest shore of the frozen lake.
Vyke the Knight of the Round Table – The penultimate Evergaol boss is the most humane person ever. Legend has it that Vyke was very close to becoming Lord of Elden before madness led him away from the path of Grace. He mostly uses Lightning attacks, but can be interrupted, so don't hesitate. He also has the ability to heal once. Drops Fingerprint Set and Vyke's Dragonbolt Incantation.
    • Elden Ring: All Evergaol Venues and Bosses

      And that's it. You've found every single Evergaol boss in Elden Ring and hopefully defeated them. The world is a better place because of you. They must have been imprisoned for something terrible, right?



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Oneyle: Elden Ring: All Evergaol Venues and Bosses
Elden Ring: All Evergaol Venues and Bosses
Elden Ring: All Evergaol Venues and Bosses
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