Elden Ring: Every Ash of War Ranked – April 2022

Elden Ring: Every Ash of War Ranked – April 2022

 Elden Ring: Every Ash of War Ranked – April 2022

Elden Ring: Every Ash of War Ranked – April 2022

This is every Ash of War in the Elden Ring, ranked from the probability of making you Lord of Elden to the probability of turning you into dragon food.

Elden Ring can be punishing. It can even be frustrating when you reach the endgames and encounter the likes of Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

But one, that's for sure. Players will need to find the best weapons, the best armor sets, and the best items if they hope to become Lord of the Elden.

One of these items is Ash of War, a special skill you can add to your weapon.

It can completely change the feel of your guns. Some weapons even have their own unique Battle Ashes, such as the Sacred Relic Sword that cut through a deadly wave of gold.

These special skills can make your journey through the Lands Between much more enjoyable.

Here's every Ash Battle in Elden Ring, ranked from best to worst.

Elden Ring: Ash of War Level List – April 2022

  • S Carian Retaliation, Bloodhound's Step, Seppuku, Blackflame Hurricane, Bloodslash, Golden Trench
  • A Flame of the Crimson Mane, Warcry, Trench, Stormwall, Barricade Shield, Kick, Braggart's Roar, Raptor of the Mists, Karia Grandeur, Prelate's Charge, Lightning Coach, Praying Strike, Holy Ring of Light, Golden Land, Golden Oath, Oath Indomitable, Blood Blade, Blood Tax, Ice Spear, Hoarfrost Stomp, Thops' Barrier
  • B Arrow Rain, Brutal Attacks, Cragblade, Ground Slam, Hoarah Loux's Earthshaker, Lion's Claw, Barbaric Roar, Troll's Roar, Impaling Thrust, Piercing Teeth, Uncover, Quick Step, Spinning Attacks, Storm Blade, Storm Slash, Vacuum Slice, Royal Knight's Determination, Glinstone Gravel, Glintblade Phalanx, Karia Greatsword, Spinning Weapon, Loretta's Slash, Dark Wave, Lightning, Lightning Strike, Holy Sword, Divine Order, Shared Order, Gold Slam, Holy Earth, White Shadow's Charm, Assassin's Gambit
  • C Magic Strike, Through, Shield Charge, Dam, Stamp (Slash Up), Stamp (Sweep), Earthshaker, Repetitive Push, Double Strike, Sword Dance, Square Shot, Storm Summoner, Imaginary Strike, Determination, Gravity, Flame Assault , Explosion , Venomous Mist, Venomous Moth Flight, Cold Mist, Ghost Spear, Lifesteal Punch
  • D Might Strike, Sky Strike, Stab, Spinning Strike, Beast's Roar, Giant Hunt, Storm Stomp, Shield Crash, No Skill
And that's every Ash of War lined up. All 91. But like everything else at Elden Ring, how well an item will perform for you will depend heavily on your build.

Here's everything you need to know about using Ash of War in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Ash of War Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of Ash of War in Elden Ring, you need to know a few things.

In Elden Ring, players will encounter several Whetblades as they adventure through the Lands Between. These will allow players to add an Ash of War to their weapons.

Depending on the type of Whetblades you find, you'll also be able to tie Ash of War to an affinity.

This proximity will allow your weapon to scale with an additional attribute. This is essential for players who want to use a weapon that doesn't scale with its strongest attributes.

Here's every Whetblade you'll find in Elden Ring, and the affinity it can bring to your weapon:
The Sharpening Knife
  • You'll need this to add new Ashes of War and affinities to your weapons.
  • Standard – Does not add any new affinity to your weapon
  • Iron Knife
  • Quality – Increases strength and dexterity affinity
  • Keen – Increases dexterity closeness
  • Heavy – Increases power affinity
  • Glintstone Connecting Blade
  • Magic – Increases intelligence affinity but decreases physical affinity
  • Cold – Increases intelligence intimacy, but decreases physical intimacy. Adds Frostbite damage to attacks.
  • Red-Hot Whetblade
  • Fire – Reduces physical proximity but adds flame damage to weapons.
  • Flame Art – Increases Faith intimacy, but decreases physical intimacy. Adds flame damage to weapons.
  • Holy Sharpening
  • Lightning - Increases dexterity proximity. Adds lightning damage to weapons.
  • Sacred – Increases faith intimacy. Adds holy damage to weapons.
  • black knife
  • Poison - Increases strength, dexterity, and stealth affinity. Adds poison to weapons.
  • Blood -Increases stealth intimacy. Adds bleeding to weapons.
  • Occult – Increases stealth intimacy. Prevents the Living by Death from resurrecting themselves after being hit.

Best Battle Ashes for Boss Fights

The best Ash of War players can equip for any boss fight is Bloodhound's Step. Bloodhound's Step keeps players away from danger. The player disappears and quickly walks away from an attack.

Players can keep this on a low-weight dagger and only switch to it when needed.

Great for avoiding some of Malenia's frenetic attacks or even Godfrey's kicks.

Elden Ring: Every Ash of War Ranked – April 2022

Best Battle Ashes for Shields

When it comes to shields, players will want a War Ash that will allow them to dodge or completely block incoming damage.

You can go to the normal Trench Ash War, which lets you dodge incoming physical attacks. But if you're looking for a little more usability, Golden Parry will allow you to dodge attacks within a certain range.

This means that even if the attack doesn't connect with you, you still have a chance to dodge it.

For players with Intelligence builds, Carian Retaliation may be more beneficial. It allows you to fend off incoming bullets and turn them into Carian shining swords.
Best Battle Ashes for Bows

Springs are not usually a focal point to build on at Elden Ring. They are not very strong and you will have to fight from a distance to help. This means they are nearly impossible for any boss fight.

But players can use a pretty clean Ash of Wars to get the most out of them.

The most notable of these is Rain of Arrows. This Ash of War will allow players to shoot a barrage of fire into the sky and make it rain on enemies.

When added to Radahn's Arrows, Starscrouage can give the same effect as Radahn's arrows during a boss fight.
Things to know:
Flames of the Red Mane
Redmane's flames can quickly confuse enemies and even bosses. When used with +25 weapons, it can stagger the last boss Radagon of the Golden Order in four hits.

You need to know where to find the Ancient Dragon Mooring Stones to increase your weapon to +25!
rime stomp
Although recently nerfed, it can perform well primarily when used with talismans that help increase your skill damage, such as Godfrey's Token.

Carian Retaliation

One of the strongest Ashes of War in the game right now. It can deal massive damage to most bosses.

Check out our complete guide to Carian Retaliation building here.
  • Black Flame Tornado
  • Ash of War can be strengthened by following the Black Flame Mage build guide.
  • Unique Weapon Skills
  • These skills work like Ashes of War, but are tied to specific weapons and cannot be copied. The Golden Wave of the Sacred Relic Sword is one of these skills.
  • Ashes of War FP Consumption
  • Ashes of War mostly consumes Focal Points. So if you're going to base your build heavily on a War Ash, make sure you have enough Cerulean Vials to recharge your Focal Points in mid-boss combat.
  • Some Scarabs will drop Ashes of War
  • There are scarabs around the map that will leave Ash of War when killed.
  • They look like health and FP scarabs, but often have a unique coloration.
  • These are some of the best weapons for an Ash of War:
  • Uchigatana
  • Gargoyle's Twinblade
  • great sword
  • misericord
  • Cross Nagitana



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Oneyle: Elden Ring: Every Ash of War Ranked – April 2022
Elden Ring: Every Ash of War Ranked – April 2022
Elden Ring: Every Ash of War Ranked – April 2022
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