Elden Ring: How to Complete Fia Quest?

Elden Ring: How to Complete Fia Quest?


Elden Ring: How to Complete Fia Quest?

Elden Ring: How to Complete Fia Quest?

Elden Ring has many obscure side stories for you to complete, including Fia's quest.

The story in Elden Ring is as convoluted as you'd expect it to be in a Soulslike title.

While most of the information was penned by George RR Martin, the story is still as vague as you'd expect from a FromSoftware game.

You can only learn the story in Elden Ring through many quests, item descriptions, and NPCs around The Lands Between.

If you want to dive deep into the knowledge of Elden Ring, completing Fia's quest is an excellent way to understand many of the events in the game.

Here's every step you need to take to complete Fia's quest in Elden Ring!

How to Complete a Fia Quest in Elden Ring – Locations and Guide

Attend the 1st Roundtable Meeting

The first thing to do is meet and talk to Fia. It is located in the room just before reaching the blacksmith.

Talk to him and let him hold you, she. This will grant you Baldachin's Blessing, a consumable that provides 35% physical damage block and increased balance for 15 seconds.

Note that having Baldachin's Blessing in your inventory reduces your maximum HP by 5%.

2. Find D, Obtain a Death Root, and Travel to Altus Plateau

You can find D in Limgrave, northeast of the Summonwater Village Outskirts Site of Grace. You will find a Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village near this location.

Defeating the Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village grants a Deathroot as a reward.

After obtaining this item, go to the Roundtable Warehouse and show Deathroot to D and accept Beast Priest Gurranq's introduction.

After talking to Fia for the first time in Roundtable Hold, you won't be able to advance her questline for a while. You need to reach Altus Plateau in order to progress in its story.

Talk to Fia again and select the “Speak in Secret” option when she holds you back to pick up the Worn Dagger.

Elden Ring: How to Complete Fia Quest?

3. Deliver the Worn Dagger and Get the Black Blade Trace

After receiving the Weathered Dagger from Fia, give it to D. After giving this item to D, end his dialogue and return to Fia.

When you talk to Fia, she will mark your map with the location of the Black Blade Catacombs in Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • Reach the Black Blade Catacombs and defeat the hidden boss in this dungeon. Here's how to find the Black Knife Assassin boss hidden in the Black Knife Catacombs:
  • Go to the Black Blade Catacombs.
  • In this underground cemetery there is a room with two fallen guillotines. As soon as you fall, get on top of it so it can carry you up. As soon as you see a secret passage, jump into it.
  • Defeat all the enemies in this area and follow the path to the end.
  • When you reach the end of this path, hit the wall to reveal this boss' entrance.
  • Defeat the Black Knife Assassin to get the Black Knifeprint

4. Surrender the Black Blade Trace and Collect D's Twin Armor

Once you have the Knifeprint with you, go to Roundtable Hold and hand it over to Rogier. You first encounter this NPC at Stormveil Castle, near the Rampart Tower Site of Grace.

Rogier is on the right of the balcony in Roundtable Hold.

After delivering this item, rest at the Grace Site on Roundtable Hold to refill the space. Go to the blacksmith area; At the end of the corridor you should see a newly opened door.

Enter this room. You should see Fia there; talk to him and he will disappear after his dialogue is over. You can also collect D's Twin Armor on the floor of this room.

5. Get the Cursed Mark of Death

This is one of the most comprehensive steps required to complete this task. Fia's quest in Elden Ring intersects with Ranni's quest.

To access the Sacred Liurnia Tower where the Curse of Death is located, you need to follow Ranni's quest to a certain point to get the Inverted Statue.

Once you reach the Divine Liurnia Tower, you will be able to collect the Death Curse.

6. Reach Deep Root Depths and Find D's Brother

After collecting the Cursemark of Death, head to the Siofra Aqueducts to go to the Deeproot Depths to continue Fia's quest in Elden Ring.
  • Here is a brief explanation of how to reach this position. If you need more details, here is a full explanation on how to get Deeproot Depths!
  • Fast-track to the Ancestral Woods Grace Zone in the Eternal City of Nokron.
  • Head northeast, pass some jellyfish, jump onto the ledge near these enemies, and continue down this path until you reach the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace.
  • Since you are already in this location you can find D's brother and give him the Twin Armor.
  • Travel through the aqueducts and face the two Gargoyles in the Great Waterfall Basin and activate the Site of Grace.
  • There is a coffin near the waterfalls. Interact with it and move into the Deep Root Depths.

7. Find Fia in the Deep Roots and Deliver the Curse of Death

Here's how to find Fia in Deeproot:
  • After arriving at this new location, travel west from the Great Wall Crest until you reach the Deeproot Depths of Grace.
  • From there, continue to the northwest, following the edge of the waterfall. Eventually you will find tree branches that you can climb. Climb these roots until you reach the Across the Roots Grace Zone.
  • Now, go to the giant arena near this Blessing Zone and defeat the Champions of Fia.
  • Rest in the Grace Site that appears after defeating the champions, and after that you should find Fia nearby.
  • Talk to him and let him hug you. When the dialog prompt appears, select “Give the Curse of Death” option. As soon as you do this, he will give you the Blessing of the Radiant Baldachin.
  • Rest at the Place of Grace and talk to him until you have exhausted his dialogue. Do this several times if necessary, until you say goodbye and fall asleep.
Elden Ring: How to Complete Fia Quest?

8. Defeat Lichdragon Fortissax and Quest Rewards

When Fia falls asleep, interact with her once again and select the "Enter the Death Bed Dream" option.

This boss can be a tough battle. You can still make this boss fight more accessible with the right strategy.

Here are the rewards you can get for this quest if you have followed all of the above instructions:
  • After defeating this boss, you will receive the Prince of Death's Restorative Rune for the end of Age of Duskborn. If you're curious about the endings in this game, this is the explanation for all the endings in Elden Ring.
  • You can exchange Lichdragon Fortissax's Memory for Fortissax's Lightning Spear or Death Lightning Spells.
  • Quick Trip to Fia's location and here you will find D's brother. Consume its dialogue and rest at the Grace Site to repopulate the area. When the field reloads, collect the Inseparable Sword and the Twin Armor.
  • You can also collect Fia's Hood and Fia's Robe where she sleeps.
Now you should have successfully completed Fia's quest in Elden Ring!



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Oneyle: Elden Ring: How to Complete Fia Quest?
Elden Ring: How to Complete Fia Quest?
Elden Ring: How to Complete Fia Quest?
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