Elden Ring: How To Follow The Main Story Path And How To End The Game?

Elden Ring: How To Follow The Main Story Path And How To End The Game?


Elden Ring: How To Follow The Main Story Path And How To End The Game?

Elden Ring: How To Follow The Main Story Path And How To End The Game?

Elden Ring is definitely FromSoftware's biggest game to date, but like other Soulsborne games, the story doesn't hold players' hands. 

Players have to keep track of their quests and progress without the aid of a checklist, which can leave many scratching their heads when it comes time to actually finish the main story.

As with many open world games, it's generally a bad idea to rush Elden Ring and just deal with the "main story". You have to explore the world, smell the roses and uncover hidden areas and items. You may only plan to make a quick pit stop in an optional dungeon before continuing with the main story, but after fifteen levels and two guns, you've completely forgotten where you were going in the beginning.

That being the case, here's a guide to help you get back to the game's main story path when you get too far from the game.

Note: This guide will guide you through the main story of Elden Ring with as few deviations as possible. However, this guide won't tell you how to reach every possible ending, how to get every Great Rune, or how to fight every boss. We will cover some of these issues in separate articles.

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Wired Graveyard

After players create their Elden Ring characters, their fresh-faced protagonist wakes up in the Chapel of Anticipation with only clothes on their backs (so assuming they didn't choose the Wretch class). After wandering around for a bit, they encounter the Grafted Scion, which will often destroy players.

Win or lose, you'll be teleported to the Stranded Graveyard, which serves as the game's training ground. Viewers can always bypass the area by exiting a door, but it's usually a good idea to jump down the graveyard hole to learn the game's mechanics. However, anyone fighting must fight Godrick's Soldier (who at least teaches them how to use the Guard Meter).

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Limgrave

After leaving Stranded Graveyard, players are free to roam the Lands Between, but are strongly advised not to leave Limgrave's starting area for at least a while. Also, players must walk from the nearby road. preferably while avoiding Tree Sentinel. You'll eventually encounter Grace at Gatefront, which is honestly kind of your starting point for the rest of the adventure.

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Stormhill

Players are directed to Stormveil Castle, but must pass through Stormhill before entering. This area gives players their first real mandatory bosses: Margit, Fell Omen. Players must defeat him to progress, and if they succeed, they'll find themselves with a richer 9,000 runes and a new Talisman Bag that allows them to equip an additional Talisman.

Players should visit Murkwater Cave if they can't beat Margit. While this location is an optional dungeon, its final boss, Patches, turns into a merchant if he survives. While it sells many expensive items, it also sells Margit's Clamp, which temporarily attaches Margit to the ground so players can fire a few extra shots at the boss.

Elden Ring Main Story Trail: Stormveil Castle

Stormveil Castle is Elden Ring's first Heritage Dungeon. As the name suggests, the area is a massive fortress filled to the brim with enemy soldiers and traps. The two bosses, Grafted Sprout and the Lion Guardian are optional, but the final boss is Grafted Godrick. After being defeated, the Grafted Godrick drops 15,000 runes, a Grand Rune, and his Souvenir.

Elden Ring Main Story Trail: Liurna of the Lakes

After Stormveil Castle, players are free (and should) visit Liurna of the Lakes. This new chapter of Lands Between is as big as Limgrave and will offer some much-needed Runes, gear and other valuables for those looking to tackle some of the later challenges of the game.

Elden Ring Main Story Trail: Karia Mansion

Players will visit multiple locations as they enter Liurna of the Lakes. However, most of the roads in this region lead to Caria Mansion. The final boss of this dungeon is Royal Knight Loretta, who wields devastating spells and a polearm. Players need to put Loretta to rest to progress, which will earn them 10,000 runes, sorcery Loretta's Great Bow, and Loretta's Slash Ash of War.

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Raya Lucaria Academy

Since Raya Lucaria Academy is Liurna from the Legacy Dungeon of the Lakes, players must fight this evil school after strengthening their weapons and stats. Although the Academy is not a fortified castle, it is no less dangerous than Stormveil Castle. Raya Lucaria Academy is guarded by numerous enemies, the strongest of which are the bosses of Radagon's Red Wolf and Renalla, the Queen of the Full Moon. Unlike Stormveil Castle's Grassroots and Lion's Guardian, Radagon's Crimson Wolf is not optional; players must defeat both the monster and Renalla to beat the dungeon.

After players inevitably defeat the Red Wolf Radagon, the boss drops 14,000 runes and a Memory Stone that allows characters to memorize an additional enchantment. Meanwhile, Rennala gives more than 40,000 runes, her Memory and the Great Rune of the Unborn. It will also allow you to respect your character after you defeat him.

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Caelid

While Caelid does not include a Legacy Dungeon and is technically optional except for a few key areas, many players should probably visit the next area and make a trip to Castle Redmane, home of the Radahn Festival and its namesake Starscourge Radahn. To trigger the real war against Radahn, you will need to complete a complex and long series of quests that begin at Caria Mansion. This guide will help you figure out where to go if you're interested.

Bu görevin uygun kısmına ulaştığınızda, bazı (isteğe bağlı) NPC yardımcılarının yardımıyla Radahn'a karşı destansı bir savaşa katılabileceğiniz Redmane Kalesi'ne yönlendirileceksiniz. Bu dövüş inanılmaz derecede zor, ancak ödüller 70.000 rün, Radahn'ın Anma ve Radahn'ın Büyük Rün.

Yine, oyunda ilerlemek için teknik olarak Radahn ile savaşmanız gerekmez, ancak onu yenebilmek ilerlemeye hazır olduğunuzun iyi bir işaretidir ve bu dövüşü kazandığınız için alacağınız ödüller...önemlidir.

Elden Ring: The Great Pavement of the Dectus and Altus Plateau

To get to the next part of your Elden Ring adventure, you'll eventually need to head to the Atlus Plateau, but the roads to that area are somewhat complicated.

Most players will want to ride the Dectus Great Lift, which painlessly brings you to the Plateau of Atlus (mostly). To access this elevator, you'll need to find two halves of the Dectus Coin: one at Fort Haight and the other at Fort Faroth. If you're still at a relatively low level, the latter will definitely be harder to obtain, while the former can be obtained very early in the game.

With the locket pieces in hand, head back to the main gate of Raya Lucaria Academy and interact with the magical seal you encounter there. The road ahead will take you to the elevator.

You can get to Atlus Plateau without using the Great Lift, but unless you're "over-leveled" at this point in the game, this path is definitely a bit more difficult. If that sounds like something you're interested in, interact with the aforementioned magic seal and follow the river path in the area it's taking you to (basically going northwest of the area you're moving to). ). This path is filled with challenging enemies and a confusing ladder system, but it will eventually lead you to a mine. When you defeat the boss of the mine and finally leave that cursed area, you will find yourself on the Atlus Plateau.

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Volcano Manor

Where you go after reaching Atlus Plateau is up to you, but your best bet might be to head to Volcano Mansion and fight Lord of Blasphemy Rykard.

Rykard is supposed to stay at Volcano Manor on Gelmir Mountain. However, when players enter the boss room, they only find the God Eater Snake. Know that you may need help from a Spirit Ash or nearby Snake Hunter weapon at this point, as this boss is pretty tough. After "killing" the snake, he will reveal his true face as Rykard.

When Rykard raises his ugly head, the second phase begins, complete with a new boss health bar. If players die to Rykard, they will have to start the battle again from the God-Devoring Serpent episode. Welcome to Elden Ring.

If players can finally kill Rykard, 130,000 runes will drop their Remembrance and Rykard's Great Rune.

Elden Ring Main Story Trail: Capital Edges

Once players have at least two Great Runes, their next move must be the royal capital, Leyndell. However, like Stormveil Castle, the road is blocked this time by the Dragon Tree Sentry patrolling the Capital Edges. You can sneak around these bosses if you use one of the paths located next to the great stairwell they sit above them, but if you want to fight them you may want to do it on horseback.

After defeating the Draconic Tree Sentinel, players will open the way to Leyndell and earn 50,000 runes, the Dragonclaw Shield and the Dragon Greatclaw weapon.

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Leyndell, Royal Capital

Leyndell is one of a kind Elden Ring's Anor Londo and is home to some really powerful enemies and bosses. The first mandatory boss players need to worry about is Lord Godfrey First Hand. You might think such an enemy would leave for the final battle, but no, he's in Leyndell in all his golden spirit glory, and also drops 80,000 runes and a Talisman Pouch on "death".

In the heart of Leyndell, players will face the dungeon's final boss, Morgott, the Omen King. If and if it sounds familiar, it's because this battle is basically a rematch against Fell Omen Margit. However, this time it comes off completely. If players can knock down Morgott one last time, 120,000 runes will drop the Remembrance and Morgott's Great Rune.
Elden Ring Main Story Trail: Giants' Mountain Peaks

After all the big bosses are dead, it's finally time to kick off the final game of Elden Ring. To do this, players must visit the Forge of the Giants, but like many areas before it, a boss is blocking the way.

To advance to the Forge, you will need to go through the Mountain Peaks of the Giants (accessible from Leyndell after defeating the bosses of this city). This region is home to only one required boss: the Fire Giant. When players kill this boss (and thus kill the last of the giants), they are given 180,000 runes, the Fire Giant's Memento, and a clear path to the Giants' Forge.

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Forge of the Giants

Unlike most regions in Elden Ring, Forge of the Giants only serves to advance the story through cutscenes. 99% of the area is instant death, so ignore all player instincts and don't explore Forge of the Giants. Go inside, talk to Melina or a sensitive flame (depending on the choices made in the game) and that's it.

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Fragmented Farum Azula

After a cutscene in Forge of the Giants, Elden Ring teleports players to Crumbling Farum Azula. Players should upgrade their characters and equipment as much as possible at this point because things are getting really annoying.

The first mandatory boss fight in Crumbling Farum Azula is the Godskin Duo, a tag team match against a Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble. During this fight, each enemy has its own health bar, separate from the main bar at the bottom of the screen. This is because when killed, Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble respawn after a few seconds. However, this ability comes at a cost. It doesn't matter how much health individual bosses have, because when the boss bar HP reaches zero, they both die permanently. Players who complete this challenge receive 170,000 runes, four Smith-Stone Minder's Bell Bearings and the Black Flame Tornado Ash of War.

If players visit the Beastial Sanctum in Caelid during normal gameplay, they can meet Gurranq, Beast Clergyman and trade the Deathroot for various rewards. In a surprise change, Gurranq serves as the boss in Crumbling Farum Azula, and in yet another twist, mid-fight his final form, Maliketh, transforms into The Black Blade. If players can beat him, they'll be rewarded with 220,000 runes, a new Remembrance, and another cutscene that teleports them to the penultimate location of the Elden Ring: Leyndell, Ashen Capital.

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Leyndell, Ashen Capital

As the name suggests, Leyndell is a remixed version of Ashen Capital, Leyndell, Royal Capital. This location tests players like never before and essentially serves as a point of no return. Players are free to enter the Lands In Between once they reach the Ashen Capital, Leyndell, but the original version of Leyndell is buried under a mountain of ash and inaccessible.

The first mandatory boss players encounter in the ash-covered version of Leyndell is the All-Knowing Sir Gideon Ofnir, who drops 180,000 runes and armor/weapon upon death. Formidable as Ofnir is, Godfrey, the last boss of the realm, is nothing compared to its Lord First Hand. Yes, another rematch, but this time stronger than Godfrey's flesh and blood. This version of Godfrey fights somewhat similarly to his first rendition, but at half health, adopting a more animalistic fighting style and a new name: Hoarah Loux, Warrior.

In this form, Hoarah Loux is faster and adds some grapples that look like they were borrowed from a fighting game. Still not invincible. When players kill Hoarah Loux, they are awarded 300,000 runes and another Remembrance. Most importantly, the road to Erdtree is finally open.

Elden Ring Main Story Path: Elden Throne

Upon entering Erdtree, players are thrust into the final area of ​​the Elden Ring, which consists of a single boss arena and an enemy to go with it: the Radagon of the Golden Order. Like many other bosses, Radagon adopts new attacks mid-battle, but even when killed, the battle isn't over yet. Radagon was just the opening scene.

When the second Radagon is killed, Elden Ring is revealed in the game's true final boss, Elden Beast. Luckily, players didn't waste all their bottles while battling Radagon, and if they can take down this ghost dragon, they'll get 500,000 runes, the game's final Memories, and the ending credits.

And that's it. When Elden Beast is defeated, Elden Ring's story is complete. Players can visit all the places they missed or start New Game+ or hope FromSoftware develop DLC for more story content. Still, anyone who's gone this far deserves a round of applause, as they have completed an overwhelmingly difficult (and excellent) game. 



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Oneyle: Elden Ring: How To Follow The Main Story Path And How To End The Game?
Elden Ring: How To Follow The Main Story Path And How To End The Game?
Elden Ring: How To Follow The Main Story Path And How To End The Game?
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